Together, these narrow ecological preferences make it highly sensitive to habitat fragmentation ( Mortelliti et al. We have them here – they play havoc with your insulation! And I wouldn’t worry about the Roman rodent pots having an exercise wheel or not, apparently the glisglis sleeps for seven months of the year. Ingredients 8 Chicken drumsticks 1 cup plain all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons cumin seeds 2 teaspoons caraway seeds 2 teaspoons sweet paprika powder tablespoon honey 2 bay leaves A little vegetable oil The Slovenian dormouse hunting … Edible dormice have adapted well to the presence of man and now frequently hibernate in insulated attics and even dark shelves in cupboards, particularly if soft materials are on the shelf to make a nest. google_ad_width = 120; Over the course of a few weeks they would feed the dormouse nuts to further fatten it up. They fed these captive dormice walnuts, chestnuts, and acorns for fattening. more, please read our, Crush the cumin seeds using a mortar and pestle or equivalent. /* RIB Menu Lower Link ad */ small commisions help to pay the costs associated with running this site so that it stays free. Not all my comrades agree we have purpose that will one day be revealed. Erm – and then having been lovingly fattened up they were cooked. It normally weighs from 120 to 150 g (4.2 to 5.3 oz), but may almost double in weight immediately prior to hibernation. One of the smallest is the Japanese dormouse of … Combine the rest of the ingredients and then add to the casserole dish. Dormice were a delicacy in Roman times, and hence the species’ alternative name, It was brought to England in 1902 as part of a wildlife collection at Tring, Hertfordshire, where they escaped and formed a healthy population in the wild. The edible dormouse is also a gregarious animal with large patch requirements and high habitat fidelity (see Krystufek, 2010). In Ancient Rome dormice were kept in large terracotta pots called gliaria. , 2008 ).